I’ve been taking photos for many years. In the early days using film and now using purely digital media. It’s been a long journey, exploring the various genres available to me, and still I’m learning, trying new things, photographing different subjects, and all the while developing my skills and passion for what I do.

Specialising in cars gives me a unique opportunity to bring together a variety of genres into one. Sometimes I can harness my skills taking macro photos to capture the minutest of details. Other times, it’s about the landscape that enhances the beauty of the vehicle, or sets the scene. Bringing people together with their cars gives options to let my portrait skills come forward. In all cases, however, there is always the underlying construct of using light, materials, textures and colours to produce images that stand out.

I have a passion for taking photos and creating something special for my clients. Almost everyone has a camera of one form or another now, and everyone can take a photo, but there’s more to photography than that. Conveying the right message in the image, engaging the viewer and keeping them focused, creating art out of form, and above all, meeting the needs of the client.



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